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Tending to the Sacred:
Rituals to Connect with Earth, Spirit, and Self
By Ashley River Brant
Tap into your own healing power and nourish your mind, body, and soul with 50 rituals for greater connection to life, love, and purpose
What if every moment were a portal to the sacred?
A pathway back to remembering your interconnectedness with the Earth, the deep wells of wisdom within you, and your true spiritual sovereignty? In Tending to the Sacred, multidimensional artist and healer Ashley River Brant invites us to walk this path and step into our own sacred truth through the art of ritual.
“Ritual connects us to the otherworlds and the infinite potentials that exist in the unseen, and it opens us to our inner worlds and our true sovereign nature,” Ashley writes, “It is encoded in our DNA as an integral way of being—this book is just a pathway to remember.”

Throughout Tending to the Sacred, Ashley shares rituals and teachings to help you become more fully empowered and embodied in your life. You’ll explore:

The foundations of ritual—including the importance of intention, beliefs, and understanding energy

Working with the elements—tuning into the medicine of each element, from grounding with the Earth to making ceremonial moon waters for strengthening intuition

Recipes and instructions for working with plant medicine—create your own oils, essences, teas, and more

Mantras, journal prompts, and guided visualizations—to bring you even deeper into the healing power of ritual

Soul-activating illustrations—Ashley’s original spirit-infused artwork brings depth to each teaching

Tending to yourself and spirit—rituals for healthy boundaries, creativity, working with your dreams, and more

Woven from an abundance of ancient wisdom, heart medicine, and creativity, Tending to the Sacred is a potent yet accessible guide for anyone who longs to strengthen your connection with spirit, embrace the earth’s natural rhythms, and come home to your true nature.

Return to living a fully embodied life with 50 rituals to improve your health, well-being, and confidence on your Sacred Path.
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About Author

Ashley is a multidimensional artist and feminine healer bringing her medicine through as the creator of Soul Tattoo,®, a ceremonial intuitive tattooing modality, as well as with film photography, illustration, writing, as the host of Weaving Your Web podcast, and through her online courses. Ashley uses her gifts of mediumship and connections to the loving spirits of the natural world to offer a feminine voice of healing expression for collective transformation in all her work. Ashley’s focus is to assist her clients, and the all who are drawn to her work, in awakening to a new wave of feminine power, attuned to the mystery, honoring the creative and intuitive power within us all, and embodying it with grounded presence and purpose, so that we may all heal, open our hearts to the Sacred, and align with our authentic expression and soul’s true essence. Ashley will be releasing her first book and first oracle deck with Sounds True in 2021.

Rituals for cultivating a life infused with spirit,
meaning, and connection to all that is sacred